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Re: [MiNT] MiNT, CT60 and power off

> Sorry to send this twice, Konrad. I forgot to update "to:" field
> again...

No problem, I have problems with this too (not update or unnecesarily

> There is one big difference between rebooting, or shuting down ARAnyM
> and powering off the CT60 : the internal hard disk is powered off
> too. If its write cache is enabled, it is powered off before it has a
> chance to write to the disk what sync did some milliseconds before...

Yes, you all (you, Thomas and Julian) are right, this is the most possible
reason. I think that a second of delay should be enough for now?

I am not an disk driver expert, but cannot these commands be sent via XHDI
or (better) SCSIDRV?

> I already explained this here some days ago... But it looks like
> there were too many post in this list at that time.

Honestly I haven't see your mail about it lately.

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