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Re: [MiNT] MiNT, CT60 and power off

Hi Konrad,

Selon Konrad Kokoszkiewicz <draco@obta.uw.edu.pl>:
> Yes, you all (you, Thomas and Julian) are right, this is the most possible
> reason. I think that a second of delay should be enough for now?

It's not fully safe, but should be OK with current IDE hard disks IMHO.

I would be more confident with, say, 3 seconds (some 2"5 IDE drives chips with 
a 16 MB cache ! see http://sdd.toshiba.com/main.aspx?
000205000000010000659c00000606 for an example).

Anyway, we can imagine a hard disk drive that would never write its cache 
content unless it needs some space in cache (or it is instructed to). With such 
a drive, waiting wouldn't help. It doesn't exists nowaday (to my knowledge), 
but who knows...

> I am not an disk driver expert, but cannot these commands be sent via XHDI
> or (better) SCSIDRV?

Hmmm, although this can be done for SCSI drive, the way to do it for IDE drives 
should be different as IDE hard disk are not ATAPI compliant, and thus don't 
understand SCSI commands (and are not seen by SCSIDRV).

Don't know about XHDI.

> > I already explained this here some days ago... But it looks like
> > there were too many post in this list at that time.
> Honestly I haven't see your mail about it lately.

See here : http://sparemint.atariforge.net/mailinglist/Mailing-Lists/MiNT-
List.200312/1071093652.3fd79794f418c@imp2-l.free.fr.text .

Posted on Wed, 10 Dec 2003. But there was too much traffic here at that time. ;)

Best regards,