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Re: [MiNT] MiNT, CT60 and power off

> > Yes, you all (you, Thomas and Julian) are right, this is the most
> > possible reason. I think that a second of delay should be enough for
> > now?
> It's not fully safe, but should be OK with current IDE hard disks IMHO.
> I would be more confident with, say, 3 seconds (some 2"5 IDE drives
> chips with a 16 MB cache !

Yes, but I suspect that their internal data transfer is a bit bigger than
16 MB/s :)

> > I am not an disk driver expert, but cannot these commands be sent via
> > XHDI or (better) SCSIDRV?
> Hmmm, although this can be done for SCSI drive, the way to do it for IDE
> drives should be different as IDE hard disk are not ATAPI compliant, and
> thus don't understand SCSI commands (and are not seen by SCSIDRV).

I thought that the SCSIDRV interface can emulate SCSI commands for IDE
drives. I.e. convert them into proper IDE controller commands. If not, it
may become difficult.


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