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Re: [MiNT] fVDI issues

> > By default, Cconws to the screen is used, which would perhaps run into
> > port. Or, perhaps even better, to the ARAnyM console (via NatFeat).
> Well, I finally had an occasion to do it. I set debug device to -1 and
> uncommented the "debug" directive inside the fvdi.sys. The result:
> FATAL: EMUL_OP called with bogus opcode 00007135

Apparently support for the 0x7135 (M68K_EMUL_OP_DEBUGUTIL) illegal
instruction handler has been removed from ARAnyM (on December 15, 2003,
according to the CVS).
The definition is commented out in the current version of emul_op.h.  :-(

> Ideas?

The fVDI engine needs to be modified and recompiled.
It looks like it should be possible to use 0x712a (M68K_EMUL_OP_PUT_SCRAP)
to do the same job.

These special illegal instructions really should have a bit more
descriptive names, IMO.  ;-)
It's not exactly obvious that DEBUGUTIL is a console text output
function, or that PUT_SCRAP is a limited character by character
console VT52 output function.

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