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Re: [MiNT] fVDI issues

> By default, Cconws to the screen is used, which would perhaps run into
> the same problem you're trying to solve. But you could tell fVDI to
> send
> it to any BIOS (Bconout) device, such as the serial port or the MIDI
> port. Or, perhaps even better, to the ARAnyM console (via NatFeat).

Well, I finally had an occasion to do it. I set debug device to -1 and
uncommented the "debug" directive inside the fvdi.sys. The result:

FATAL: EMUL_OP called with bogus opcode 00007135
d0 00000000 d1 00000001 d2 00000000 d3 00000000
d4 00000000 d5 00000000 d6 00000000 d7 00000000
a0 0102c416 a1 0000093a a2 00000000 a3 00000000
a4 0102d324 a5 0102bd14 a6 0102ee10 a7 0102edc2
sr 0010


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