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Re: [MiNT] MiNT on TT

Dne út 17. únor 2004 21:28 Konrad Kokoszkiewicz napsal(a):
> > First it is not exactly as it is witten there. On my TT MiNT 1.16
> > works nice, but on my friend's TT MiNT is very weird. Unfortunately
> > he cannot speak English and I dont know exactly what is wrong. So it
> > is very hard to explain.
> >
> > MiNT freezes when AES (NAES) is running and he touch the keyboard (of
> > course not with every key stroke, but sometimes). When he use only
> > mouse everything is ok. Is possible to telnet to the machine and
> > reboot it.
> Is he, by chance, using CKBD or something alike?

No. But he uses clocky from Joy.