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Re: [MiNT] XaAES trouble


On Friday 20 February 2004 09:22, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 01:28, Henk Robbers wrote:
> > If you want feed back on XaAES it is of the most importance
> > to make the latest binaries available.
> One of the reasons I make AFROS is to give users the latest binaries of
> CVS bleeding edge development.

Yes, but the binaries are in the disk image.
How about if you, for every afros, send the binaries from that afros
to Gokmase, so he can update the unofficial XaAES page.
Of course only those that are suitable for use on real ataris/clones.

> It's not correct to give them the alpha
> quality code, I know, but I personally think it's better to give them at
> least something to show them that there actually is *some* progress and
> that all the programs stored in freemint CVS are not dead yet.

I agree.
Remember that without me making updates regularly available,
XaAES would never have reached a usable state.
The debugging info made it possible to fix bugs with
hard and software that I didnt even have myself.
I convinced the users that producing debug info was easy by sending
them the debug options I needed.
And then I fixed their problems. ;-)

Keep in touch with your users.
Especially users of XaAES on genuine HW.
There are more than you might think. :-)

> As for XaAES itself: there are some issues with its shutdown and I would
> like to get it fixed before next AFROS. I need to check out the latest
> CVS to test it again.
> As for the wheel support: what can I do in order to allow ARAnyM users
> to use the wheels of their mice? What is the IKBD extension used for the
> wheel in XaAES mouse driver?

I have no knowledge of IKBD.
For XaAES using the vex_wheel_v function is enough.
For the AES the mouse is a VDI device.
In XaAES the VDI mouse interface is abstracted further into Fselect device
thru the moose.
Using the VDI exchange vector interface ensures that all kinds of
mice work without the AES needing to know about the technicalities.
Accellerators and serial mouse adaptors etc.

Contact Michael Schwingen. Perhaps he is willing to reveal
the inner secrets of the implementation of PS2 wheels in TOS 4.08
on the IKBD level.

But you might also just do educated guesses.
Follow the paths of mouse clicks through all the interfaces in aranym.
Implement wheelclicks in a parallel manner.
Chances are big that Michael did the same. I would.

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers.    mailto:h.robbers@chello.nl
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