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[MiNT] X server bug?

Hey guys,

I've succeeded in getting gtk2 running, and encountered something I
should have been curious about before but wasn't.

When running the most basic gtk2 app test, if the window it opens is
topped and is running on the atari x server, the application quits with
the following error.

mduckworth@pikachu mduckworth $ gtk-demo 
Xlib:  extension "RENDER" missing on display "washi:0.0".

Gdk-ERROR **: file gdkevents-x11.c: line 518 (set_screen_from_root):
assertion failed: (screen)

I have gotten gtk2 running well enough on the falcon to also get to this
point.  So this happens with a linux gtk2 app remote displayed and also
a falcon native gtk2 app displayed on the falcon.  I think it's unlikely
that this is a gtk2 bug because they don't tend to go unnoticed for very
long.  The bug seems to be in the gtk code to find out which screen is
the xroot_window.  Any ideas on where to start.  Anyone interested in
looking at the code I have?

The sample program that exhibits the error is at:
http://ns.racingchannel.com/simple_gtk2_test.tar.gz with all debug code
compiled in.  This MIGHT be enough for someone experienced enough.

Thanks for any help,