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[MiNT] XaAES configuration (was: Re: [Aranym-user] Re: Afros suggestions)


On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Henk Robbers wrote:

> > > I don't like the use of all those "string" variable lines.
> You can write a perfect SCL file without them.


> Of course you'll throw away the flexibility I offered to you.

it depends.

> > I have heard that Frank started rewriting the configuration file parser
> > for XaAES (replacing it with the FreeMiNT one) so maybe the next AFROS
> > will have a completely different config file, who knows.
> I would advice him to do the other way around ;-)

I also think that SCL is overkill that doesn't belong to the AES itself
at all. Why to discover yet another scripting language when we already
have sh (or bash). XaAES should be configurable via any shell script and
environment setup just like quite a few other Unix-like applications.

best regards