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Re: [MiNT] objc_edit() problem

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 22:13, Lonny Pursell wrote:
> on 2/17/04 3:22 PM, Henk Robbers at h.robbers@chello.nl wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 February 2004 02:58, you wrote:
> >> Well if I can't use these to turn off the cursor and reposition it
> >> correctly, then what works to achieve this?  Is this even possible
> >> without resorting to custom made edit objects?
> >
> > The edit object structures are OK.
> > You have to write your own objc_edit functions.
> > Many people have done so.
> > The easiest perhaps might be to write your own cursor
> > and ignore the AES's.
> I was afraid of that.
> Thanks for the explanations, clarified a few things for me.
> I did happen upon a way to make it work, however it makes no sense
> why it works and I highly suspect relying on this quirk would fail
> outside of Naes.  For some strange reason if I issue objc_edit call
> mode 3, mode 1, mode 3, mode 1 it works. Yes 4 objc_edit calls in a row
> and it's very bizarre.  However I don't trust it at all.  ;-)

That's wise.
A substantial part of my work on XaAES was mimicing undocumented
or default behaviour of other AES's.
Not because people deliberately exploit such behaviour.
It is more that when the behaviour benefits the user,
he is just considering it correct. ;-)

since XaAES is adopted by MiNT, any question about the AES in general
can be considered on topic in this list, I think. :-)

Groeten; Regards.
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