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Re: [MiNT] XaAES trouble

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ekkehard Flessa wrote:

> Hallo Ekkehard!
> EF>What's up here?
> Some more information from XA_SETUP.LOG (actually, the last lines of the file):
> -= 32 =-
> -= 33 =-
> Fcntl(FS_INFO) failed, do you use the right xdd?
> -= 34 =-
> deleting Psemaphore(APPL_INIT_SEMA) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(ROOT_SEMA) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(CLIENTS_SEMA) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(UPDATE_LOCK) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(MOUSE_LOCK) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(FSELECT_SEMA) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(ENV_SEMA) -> OK
> deleting Psemaphore(PENDING_SEMA) -> OK
> Any hints? _Which_ XDD?
> Could this be the whlmoose.xdd?
> [later]
> Replaced with moose.xdd from the Afros image, and now XaAES boots. But wheel
> support is gone, so this can't be the solution :-(

 I rewrote the moose.xdd, and it is now a kernel module which you can find
in freemint/sys/xdd/whlmoose in the cvs source tree. I did not have access
to a wheelmouse and I still dont have, but this rewrite was necessary to
get the mouse related things cleaned up. Now my Milan is not in use. I had
a diskcrash in the Hades and had to take the disk in the Milan to resque
as much as possible, leaving the Milan without a hardisk. This means I
cannot do tests with this until I can afford to get a new disk for the
Milan. However, the code to support wheels are still there, but noone
tested it, I think.

> Another problem: toswin2 reports trouble with the xconout2 device and appears
> 2x in Multistrip.
> Next problem: Cat starts the terminal program, but fails in transmitting the
> commandline.

 Cannot help with these two issues, sorry.


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