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Re: [MiNT] fdatime() or fxattr()

on 4/10/04 1:33 PM, Frank Naumann at fnaumann@cs.uni-magdeburg.de wrote:

> Hello!
>> Someone asked me on ICQ if this call returns time/dates stamps
>> (GEMDOS format) the same on all TOS versions regardless of country/language?
> I don't know what he mean with "country/language". The time/dates stamps
> of these syscalls are binary coded.

That is what I tried to explain to him, but he wanted me to ask anyway.
Let me rephrase it.  I think what he wants to know is this.  Do the cookie
preferences for time/date format change the binary encoding?  From what I
know of it, it's up to the coder to check the cookie and decode and format
the output based on the users preferences.

Lonny Pursell