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[MiNT] possible bug: syslogd or kernel

I managed to get CAB to crash, and halt my TT030. When I got it
unhalted, syslogd was both running and not running, and both
installed and not installed.

pipe/log did not exist. Running syslogd produced a message that
it was already running. To RPM, the .rpm file that installs
syslogd produced a message that it was not installed when I tried
to delete it, and that it was already installed when I tried to
install it. I got as far as deleting syslogd manually, and still
it was installed, as far as RPM knew.

Reinstalled EasyMint, which takes a while, and MiNT worked again,
and has been doing good things it has not done before, possibly
due to a functioning hard disk. I see two new log files, and
ImageCopy and Porthose actually work. I am most please with MiNT,
now that it is actually working as written.

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