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[MiNT] Not syslogd, but kernel problem

There I was, running telnet over ppp and typing something in pico
on a telnetable shell host, when my screen started to fill up
with notices that a fatal error had occurred, and that I needed
to reboot.

Did that, ran fsck, and my MiNT drive file system was gone, and
all the files wound up attached to lost&found.

I had a tape image backup, restored that, and still had some file
defects, and I found the syslogd program to be both running and
not running.

So, not thinking too hard, I re-loaded EasyMiNT, and although I
do not have pppd dialing again yet, I added all the dozens of rpm
files I think I need, and did yet another image backup.

Next time I will try something different. There is only one
relevant file that EasyMiNT installs that is not captured by an
image backup of a MiNT drive, and that is a new kernel.

No, I will not upgrade. The kernal I probably need, to make LDW
Power, the spreadsheet work, is inconveniently far back, and
important programs such as Bash will not run on earlier kernals.

There is nothing else wrong with 1.15.12, but what it did to me
would really make a good virus payload.

Either the kernel has found a way to modify itself, or something
mysterious like Boxkite file selector, the only one that works
with my good typing program, has a way of changing something in
the kernel. Next time, I try rebooting with a new kernel.

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