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Re: [MiNT] Truecolor extension to Xaaes (and Ovdi)

V Po, 17. 05. 2004 v 15:40, Konrad Kokoszkiewicz píše:
> >> ... and we have our belowed 1040ST performance back.
> >
> > There are some spare CT60, I think. Some people are developing ACP
> > while others are thinking about moving to PPC platform altogether. If
> > we don't provide resource hungry and dog slow applications nobody
> > will be buying new hardware...
> I see the point, but if the effect has to be the same as on pecees, I'd
> oppose. See a 1200 MHz PC, you sometimes have to wait 5-6 seconds
> On a 1040ST menus reacted in a fraction of second.

I know. This is probably the reason why most users don't want to upgrade
their historical machines. Software authors are then limited to the
least common denominator (68000, 4MB), don't develop advanced software,
users are bored and quit the platform.

When I was trying to present the advantages of upgrade to ARAnyM in
comp.sys.atari.st some guys said that if there was a 'killer'
application available for ARAnyM only they would perhaps consider
installing ARAnyM but if ARAnyM does not offer new applications they are
not interested. This is a serious thought.

Example of our situation in Atari BASIC (the real Atari BASIC as found
in Atari 800XL).

10 PRINT "new hardware, even if available, is not attractive because
existing software can run on the old hardware as well."
20 PRINT "New software is not developed because majority of user base
use too slow and limited hardware."
30 GOTO 10.

Somebody/something should break the loop ASAP. 

40 PRINT "new hardware is available, let's develop a killer app"