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[MiNT] problems with QED from CVS


I saw that QED development has found a new home in a CVS on the
sparemint server. I tried to compile on my Aranym/EasyMiNT setup and had
some problems. Some of them I fixed but apparently not all of them. I
have a binary now, but it can't open a text window properly.

The problems is solved on my system:

- I had some problems with cflib headers and includes not being found.
Linking some files from /usr/GEM/lib to /usr/lib fixed this. I think the
gemlib rpm package already does this, but the cflib rpm not ?

- qed.rsc was rejected by qed_new.app ("Wrong version number"), the
English rsc file was working fine.

- The resulting binary would start fine now, but when I open a textfile
the window doesn't open correctly. I'm using gemlib 0.43.1-1 and
cflib-20-2 sparemint rpm packages.


Martin Tarenskeen