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Re: [MiNT] My remarks (2)

V Út, 03. 08. 2004 v 13:58, Maurits van de Kamp píše:
> other than modifyers involved in typing (being shift and consequently caps
> lock).

I don't think I ever used caps lock in typing. Actually I don't remember
ever using the Caps Lock for anything. Guess I never YELL WHEN TYPING.

> loosing your entire text after hitting ctrl+A

am I using GNOME for too long that I can't remember how ctrl+A could
loose the entire text? Can you please remind me where does the ctrl+A
deletes the text? Just for reference, ctrl+A in GNOME is "Select All"
and in readline programs (bash) it's "Go to begin of the line".


P.S. Thinking how this thread could be returned back to MiNT topic.
Perhaps FreeMiNT could offer configurable remapping of ctrl key
somewhere out of Maurits reach? :) Definitely far from the 'A' key ;-)