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Re: [MiNT] My remarks (2)

On Wednesday 04 of August 2004 08:43, you wrote:

> > The only sensible counter argument I've
> > read was the fact that some PC users use a patch to obtain the same. This
> > at least INDICATES that there is a reason to, although did not explain
> > what this reason was.
> True, I didn't add an explanation. I don't remember the exact words of
> the original reason why switching CapsLock and Control key but my
> feeling is that the Control key is actually an useful key that is to be

OK. I think there are strong reasons why some people want it this way and some 
other people want it another way. Both are legitimate. You discussed that as 
users, not as hackers. So the questions are:

- Is FreeMiNT able to bring the freedom of remaping keyboard (incl. modifier 
keys) to its users?
- Is it possible to extend the functionality to other issues (dead keys etc.)?
- Who and when will do it?

Thanks, stay in peace.


Bohdan Milar