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[MiNT] Re[2]: My remarks (2)


> Yes, that IS a workaround, and one that really proves there IS an
> ergonomical mistake. Which is all I wanted to point out.

Well, this workaround in papyrus doesn't necessarily show that there
is a design flaw. In the beginning, when this was a new papyrus
feature it actually bugged me. Now I just use Delete before and then
type sth new.

But if you look at an original Atari keyboard you'll see that all the
extra keys like Alt, Control, Shit etc. are grouped right around all
the characters which in my opinion is not such a bad design.

If the A hadn't happened to be just next to the Control key or, if
Control+A wasn`t the shortcut for "Select All" no one would have had
anything against this, I'm sure.

But I can see your point, I'd say it is debatable (as we all could see

But I think we all agree that the rest of the Atari keyboard is a lot
better than PC keyboards we have a Help und Undo key and a decent
number block!)

And now, let's close this discussion, shall we? :-)

Or to come back to the original topic:

Can I remap all my keys under MiNT? I do have a PC keyboard on my
Milan and would like to have the F11 key as Help and the F12 key as
Undo. Is that possible? How do I do this?

Cheers, Ingo =;->