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Re: [MiNT] My remarks (2)

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, =?us-ascii?Q?Joakim H=F6gberg?= wrote:

> easier (to that particular user) to access. Since people are likely to
> disagree on what is a comfortable key combo, a configurable setting
> should prove to be an excellent solution!

I think we already agreed on that, except one person who didn't want to
accomodate a PC keyboard user. I agreed as well, my remark about the
ctrl key was just to counter the remark that anything that has to do
with "PC" is bad. Sorry to have brought it up in the first place. Despite
being called "obsessed", I was not the one who blew this thing out of

To link this back to the original ctrl+alt+tab discussion (before someone
else does it in some weirdly skewed way), ctrl+alt+tab is a comfortable
combination assuming the keyboard is made with the design choice (which
IMHO is a bad one but it's there nontheless) to put ctrl outside the range
of command keys, but these days MiNT is ran on systems with and without
that design choice (the latter being Ataris with PS2-keyboard interfaces,
Milans, Aranym on PC, and I'm not sure what keyboard the Hades has). So to
keep it comfortable, it should indeed either be changed to alt+tab (which
is easy to hit on any system) or just made configurable.