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Re: [MiNT] Re[2]: My remarks (2)

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Ingo Schmidt wrote:

> If the A hadn't happened to be just next to the Control key or, if
> Control+A wasn`t the shortcut for "Select All" no one would have had
> anything against this, I'm sure.

My point is that it would still be illogical. :o) (ctrl+a didn't even have
a fixed meaning when the Atari keyboard was designed and I regret having
brought up the example).

> But I can see your point, I'd say it is debatable (as we all could see
> :-))

I haven't seen much (but some) actual debate on the actual subject, but
yes you and Petr made some valid points so I'll agree that it is not
stupid, just illogical from my point of view. (As you can see, sensible
discussion can make me re-evaluate my standpoint; personal attacks and
attempts to pull partial quotes out of context just to make me look
stupid, cannot).

> But I think we all agree that the rest of the Atari keyboard is a lot
> better than PC keyboards

The layout, yes. :) The mechanics of the ST, MST and Falcon keyboards
suck, but the MSTe/TT keyboard is the best I ever used, though sharing
first place with the old-fashioned "clicky" PC keyboards and of course the
widely-spaced SUN keyboards.

> we have a Help und Undo key and a decent
> number block!)

Yes, that rocks!! And very cool looking F-keys, both on ST/MST and TT/MSTe

> And now, let's close this discussion, shall we? :-)

Gladly :o) Sorry for coming up with a last-word-post like this but I
wanted to point out my agreement on some points. :)