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Re: [MiNT] Re[2]: My remarks (2)

On Wednesday 04 of August 2004 09:56, Ingo Schmidt wrote:

> If the A hadn't happened to be just next to the Control key or, if
> Control+A wasn`t the shortcut for "Select All" no one would have had
> anything against this, I'm sure.

  Amen. I guess French people now grin, reading this thread... "A"next to 
Control? There is no "A" next to Control" :))  U can't generalize and say 
Control on Atari keyboard is badly placed.. It's bad for one layout and not 
so bad for other.. On PC there are " Z X C" near Alt key, and Caps near Shift 
etc..  I'm sure there are people in the world to hate that in certain 
applications. So only sane solution from ergonomic point of view is to move 
those keys 10 cm away... Which then is not ergonomic again, since u need top 
move hand...