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Re: [MiNT] My remarks (2)

on 8/4/04 5:19 PM, Maurits van de Kamp wrote:

> On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Lonny Pursell wrote:
>> All I can say is I have a Hades060 with a real Atari mouse and forced
>> to used a PC keyboard as that is the way the machine is designed.
>> Automatically rejecting an idea based on a PC keyboard to me is jumping the
> Ah well that wasn't really the case. First of all, the only real keyboard
> issue was whether the combination ctrl+alt+tab could be replaced by
> something else because it was not convenient on keyboards that have ctrl
> next to alt. So pretty much everyone agreed that it should become
> configurable. Oh yes except Konrad who didn't like accommodating PC
> keyboards. ;)

That was the comment that I thought came off a bit harsh.  Although I don't
hold it against him or any of the follow ups by others either.  These things
happen from time to time.  ;-)

> The rest of the whole discussion followed my remark that a ctrl key in the
> middle (well, vertically) ;) of the typing area is silly to begin with,
> which was nothing else than that, just a remark (if I wanted to change
> Atari's keyboard design, I would have to have said it a few decades ago).
> However after being asked for an explanation, I gave one which was taken
> so much out of context that the whole discussion would be impossible to
> follow for someone who gets all the messages at once because of Hotmale's
> features. So better just ignore it, it's over anyway. :o)

Ok, I had a really hard time following it.  I don't wish to add to any more
silly comments, but if the end result is some configurable options, that
would be a plus.  I got dead keys and issues with some other keys and it
would be nice to be able to remap certain ones.

Lonny Pursell