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Re: [MiNT] FreeMiNT 1.16.1 beta release

Frank Naumann píše v Út 12. 10. 2004 v 20:27 +0200:
> This beta release is a bugfix release compared to the 1.16.0 beta release. 
> It include lot of bugfixes in the kernel

It doesn't boot on ARAnyM with EmuTOS. The messages are as follows:

detecting hardware ... ok!
Kernel BASE: 0x0104B660
Kernel TEXT: 0x0104B760 (SIZE: 414536 bytes)
Kernel DATA: 0x010B0AA8 (SIZE: 19592 bytes)
Kernel BSS:  0x010B5730 (SIZE: 610664 bytes)
Kernel USP:  0x0114D842 (FREE: 12202 bytes)
Kernel SSP:  0x0114D840 (FREE: 12200 bytes)
init_cache() ok!
s_realloc: no screen region!!
init_mem() ok!
init_time() ok!
PUN cookie (from AHDI >=3.0) not found on this system.
System may have problems with the maximum sector size calculation.
get_region (alt, 8192 (2000), 2)
get_region (alt, 131072 (20000), 2)
init_block_IO() ok!
init_crypt_IO() ok!
biosfs_init: fp_alloc: kmalloc 10E92DC
fnramfs: kmalloc called: 26 (used mem 0)
fnramfs: kmalloc called: 40 (used mem 26)
fnramfs: kmalloc called: 40 (used mem 66)
init_filesys() ok!
1145140, 11487A0, 11487E0, 11487C8, 11487F0, 1148C30, 1148F58

and here it dies with PC at $fdc25842...

Any idea what's wrong?