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[MiNT] Mxalloc() and memory protection

PD> (Atari Compendium, TOS.HYP), you'll read that the "bit 3" has a
PD> special meaning

After I look to some old news I things that this is wrong. What I found is that
for MiNT the bit 3 is defined, but not used (sys/dosmem.c):
# if 0
	/* I'm very suspicious of the 0x08 flag; I can't see how it could
	 * work as the comment below seems to indicate -- ERS

	/* if the mode argument has the 0x08 bit set then you're trying
	 * to change the protection mode of a block you already own.
	 * "size" is really its base address. (new as of 2/6/1992)
	if (mode & 0x08) change_prot_status(curproc,size,protmode);
# endif

I will changed the tos.hyp that bit is reserved.