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[MiNT] CDRW under Mint?

Hi. I'm having some problems getting my Plextor SCSI 12/4/32 CDRW working 
under MINT/Thing.

I'm using Extendos Gold, v3.4c, now updated to v3.9, supposedly with the beta 
Mint file system (xfs) support included.

I followed the directions supplied with the "readme" files, and what refs I 
found on Anodyne Softwares' web site but no luck so far.

Under plain TOS, it works fine, can access files, burn CDs, play music CDs, 
etc, etc,..

Under Thing/Mint, I get the error message:

The directory
can not be read!
(TOS -46)

I gather from the docs that I'm supposed to copy "unimint.xfs" to my regular 
xfs directory. I'm assuming thats the Mint directory, right? The question is, 
exactly where, and do I then need to point to it someway in gem.conf or 

Thanks everyone.

PS I believe this same question came up on this list a short time ago, and I 
searched through my kmail trash folder trying to find it but couldn't. :-(

                                                         Dark<  >Lord