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Re: [MiNT] dsp_execprog() in mint


thanks for reply :-)

> As part of some DSP replacement routines for TOS, why not :-) Setting up 
> the XBIOS syscalls is very easy, just define the functions and add them to 
> the XBIOS table. Can be even be made loadable as module.
wow, ok, if you say it ;-) Even that solution with module is ok, who wants
that patch, let's use it, who not, ignore it :) I can supply you with full
source/binary, only thing i need is some code interface, the function itself
is very good coded (even check if it's in supervisor or not - superexec then)
> But I think all the replacement routines are in assembler, isn't it? This 
> make it very hard to maintain it and to tighter integrate it into the 
> kernel.
hm, i don't think so. as i said, it's fully implemented, no need to improve
anything, it can be even done as pc relative code, very clean work, really.
So here shouldn't be bigger problem to compile it than normal stuff in arch
directory. You can look: http://files.dhs.nu/files_coding/dhssys15.zip --
the file dspfix.s in the sys directory.


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