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[MiNT] Serious XaAES problems on Milan

 Hello all, especially Michael Schwingen

 I am having crashes happen with XaAES w/MP enabled on my Milan that I
just cannot explain or understand. Driving me insane. PC is 0x00E1D74E
each time this crash happens, and the type usually "free".

 Since the PC is always the same, I figured I ought to find out what
code lies there, which is the reason for this posting. According to
SYSINFO, TOS start is 0x00E00000. VBl 1 = 0x00E15870 (not so far away
from the "crash PC") and VBl 2 = 0x7893AEC (which is most probably
moose). GEM start is said to be 0x00E24D70.

 So, I need to find out what function is at address PC, and what it
does. I didnt have Schwingen's email handy, so I post the question here
incase others also know the Milan's TOS in great detail. My current
Milan TOS is the latest release one, dated 03-09-03. can anyone tell me
what lives in this area in the Milan?

 Anyone know if Michael Schwingen is reading the minlist? If no, could
someone make me aware of his emailaddy? Thanks :)

 Best Regards
Odd Skancke