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[MiNT] ttylog "unable to execute binary file"


I got a new isp, named isp.com. Fixing the sting stack was trivial, and that works perfectly. The sting logger shows that what gets sent is jimd@isp.com and my password, and the other end is happy, and the link is established.

Made corresponding changes in pap-secrets, and ppp exits with -19, which means it just did not work.

So, I went looking for a copy of ttylog, and found source code, and binaries compiled for m68k on the Debian Linux page.

Trying one of the binaries, got "unable to execute binary file"

Tried compiling, with gcc, ttylog.c, and it found all the things wanted by its include statements. OK so far. Got ttylog.o, did gcc -v -o ttylog ttylog.o to do whatever linking was required, and got a ttylog file, after seeing three -l steps performed.

And once again got "unable to execute binary file". It is a binary file, and says in its text that it was compiled with MiNT, when inspected with a binary editor, but will not execute. Its permissions are set to 666, and that made no difference.

Requesting help, an explanation of what I am doing wrong, or a working copy of ttylog. I think I need to see what pppd is sending to my isp, isp.com, in order to know what to fix, and as far as I know, there is no other port logger for MiNT.

Thanks in advance.


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