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Re: [MiNT] Kentry

Frank Naumann napisał(a):

How do you connect this dummy block driver to a XHDI mapped drive? You simply can't. You end up adding #ifdef in a much more worse way than adding it to hw_poweroff().

I don't. Not yet. Not untill there is device driver working, and the interface is stable. We could just implement driver registration and syncing.

Ok, I ask again: How do you get the logical connection from syncing a particular buffer cache device as visible over XHDI to this unused dummy device driver sync routine?

Hm, there is not need for such link atm. We can sync() XHDI (if there si such thing in XHDI), and then we sync() new drivers.

Please note that you don't see the underlying hardware behind a XHDI accessible partition.

Yep, I know. We do not have to see it, we need to see driver.

That way, sync code will not call drivers to sync partitions, but just drivers, to sync devices.

W do not need to know antyhing, we do shutdown and then sync code talks to all drivers with hpe that drivers will behave ;)

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski