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[MiNT] Block device driver interface (was: Kentry)


I would also like to contribute to this as I see a good opportunity to get native ARAnyM disk access instead of going through the IDE emulation. Is this something we can do with that? If I understand it correctly yes.. or?

My idea is to create /dev/hdX devices that would use a common XHDI block device driver implementation driver (parametrized) that would be an implementation of the interface to be designed. I suppose we want to replace the buffer cache calls away from the filesystems implementation and instead use the new interface there. Or would that work the other way around? I mean the buffer cache would stay in place and it would use the block device driver interface underneath (this makes more sense to me at the moment)..


Frank Naumann wrote:

I think I understand.

No :-)

What I meant is to create a dummy block device interface that would allow registering a driver, and use it (atm) only in sync. In future we could add add more stuff to it.

How do you connect this dummy block driver to a XHDI mapped drive? You simply can't. You end up adding #ifdef in a much more worse way than adding it to hw_poweroff().

If you mean that you would like me to design block device driver interface, thats ok, but I have no experiecve how such interface should work. I belive I could design a working interface, but it wouldn't be very nice code&design. I'm asking you to do it (or anyone capable) as I consider you much more experienced.

I'm sure I can help you with design. Just start and we will see what happen.


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