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Re: [MiNT] appl_getinfo(APGI_VERSION(=96)) implementation


 appl_getinfo(96, aes_id, long_name, version, status, arch),

Wow... 5 strings just to describe the name of the AES...

I think we can go down to 3 useful strings, and leave a 4th spare string in order to have 4 return values like in most AES functions.

 where aes_id is the short name, space-padded to fit 8-bytes, for
example "   XaAES".


i prefer left aligned text (to be homogenous with other AES application strings.

Long_name is a null-terminated string filled with a more descriptive
info-line, for xaaes now "XaAES - a MultiTasking AES for MiNT".


I think that AES can put in the 3rd string a free string with all the informations that may describe the AES, for example the version number, the alpha/beta/release status, the target architecture, the compiler used, the date of the compilation, etc... for example: "release 1.23beta for m68k, compiled 25th dec 2004 with gcc 2.95"

If an application need a particular information (for example the version of the AES), then standard appl_getinfo() call (with data returned in intout[]) is far better.

so, we get a new appl_getinfo_str() function:

char aes_id[8], aes_name[256], aes_version[256];

on the AES side:
control[1]=1         Elements in intin
control[2]=1         Elements in intout
control[3]=4         Elements in addrin
control[4]=0         Elements in addrout

and with the standard appl_getinfo() function:

short aes_minor, aes_major, aes_status, aes_arch;

on the AES side:
control[1]=1         Elements in intin
control[2]=5         Elements in intout
control[3]=0         Elements in addrin
control[4]=0         Elements in addrout

best regards,