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Re: [MiNT] appl_getinfo(APGI_VERSION(=96)) implementation


I'm just adding some concerns to the latest API improvements:

> so, we get a new appl_getinfo_str() function:

Please don't forget to specify the minimum length the user application should provide for each string!
I know, it's ugly to predefine the length of each string, but if I didn't miss a mail, no one ever talked about this issue.

How does the AES know how many bytes can be written to these strings? What happens if there appears an AES replacement with a very
long name? :-)

> I think that AES can put in the 3rd string a free string with all the
> informations that may describe the AES, for example the version number,
> the alpha/beta/release status, the target architecture, the compiler used,
> the date of the compilation, etc...

And how assure that the AES application allocated enough bytes to hold the whole string?