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Re: [MiNT] wind_xget()


 Ok, AGI_WF_WHEEL indicates that
wind_set(handle, WF_WHEEL, mode, whl_mode, 0, 0);
is present and AGI_WF_FIRSTAREAXYWH indicates that
wind_get(handle, WF_FIRSTAREAXYWH, clip_x, clip_y, clip_w, clip_h);
is available.
and AGI_WF_OPTS indicates that
wind_set(handle, WF_OPTS, wopt0, wopt1, wopt2, wopt3);
is available.

#define AGI_WF_WHEEL 0x0200
#define AGI_WF_OPTS 0x0800

 Is this OK everyone?

Can you please add something for WF_MENU ?

 Also added AGI_WM_REPOSED (value 0x400, bit 10 in out1) to
appl_getinfo(AES_MESSAGES(=12)) to indicate presence of WM_REPOSED(38).
Unsure if this is correct as you have to use wind_set(WF_OPTS) to make
the AES send it. Opinions?

seems good

best regards,