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Re: [MiNT] wind_xget()

'MyAES' : 5 letters
'XaAES' : 5 letters too ;)

that don't fit in a long (32 bits) integer.

If we need an AES_ID, we could add this to appl_getinfo_str():

char aes_name[64], aes_version[64], aes_id[8];
appl_getinfo_str( APGI_VERSION, aes_name, aes_version, aes_id, NULL);

BTW, i'm not sure we need to detect if the AES running is xaaes or myaes. If the application want to use a modern feature, then the application just have to check if the feature is available by calling the corresponding appl_getinfo() mode.

the name of the AES is only usefull if the application want to display it... and for that purpose a simple string is the best choice.

Yes I think like you, but Emmanuel Barranger return me that there any AES displaying in the same way 3D objects (for me it's not a problem, EBModel have very specific way to use AES ;-)), in fact it should use objc_sysvar() two know most of parameters, it should be enough I think, but he wan't absolutly have this information!. A lot of time software doesn't use good function to know what AES do, and for this, most AES should do the same or have trouble with software, for example SHADOWED object, it's only 2lines at the bottom and right side, for MyAeS it's nothing at this time, and perhaps in futur, it could be true shadow object, why not, and some apply to object 0 and after do a realtime move of the objet, with the size they think to be, not what AES wan't it is, rather use form_center() to know real size of the object.