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[MiNT] zmodem stuff...

Well, I've been playing around. :-)

Using "ztelnet" under Mandriva Linux, I can upload and download files to my 

It goes like this:
ztelnet (go through the login process and pick a file to D/L)
BBS software sends the file via zmodem
Type <control>] and you're at the ztelnet prompt
Type "rz -v" and the file starts downloading
When its complete, hit <enter> to return to the BBS.
Use "sz" for uploading.

A friend of mine says hyperterminal under Windows XP lets him U/L and D/L from 
the BBS.

I don't have my Falcon right now (sent it to Mark D. for the motherboard 
upgrade) but when I get it back, I'll try some of the comms software and see 
how it goes. (as well as the suggestions from Brian).

In the meantime, ztelnet seems to be a very small package, could someone 
compile it from source under MINT?

Thanks everyone. :-)

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