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Re: [MiNT] Printing

Le Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:49:33 +0100
Philipp Donzé <philipp.donze@epfl.ch> a écrit:

> To get a real progress and removing the need for an old system  
> extension which won't evolve any further, it's important to get  
> printing support into fVDI. And that's where I'm starting to wonder  
> what's the state of fVDIs printing capabilities? What was the "state  
> of the art" of NVDI printer drivers?
> Was NVDI capable of this?
> Are there any developers left who want to attack this problem? Or are 
> working on it?

Any VDI can have a printer driver, but it seems each VDI/GDOS use a
different API to create a printer driver.

Having modern printer support in MiNT requires 2 things:
(1) Porting CUPS to MiNT (should be easy, modulo the hardware support)
(2) Write a VDI driver for CUPS (hard, provided you have no doc to write

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