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[MiNT] Atari-Users.Net and AtariForge

Hello Everyone!

If you've noticed access slowdowns with Atari-Users.net or AtariForge,
I'm happy to announce our new server is online and ready for use! We
bought a Opteron 64 2 GHZ Dual Core CPU, with 2GB RAM and 250GB of
storage (mirrored) on a 100MB connection. Nice upgrade from the Pentuim
III 450mhz, 256 MB RAM and 20GB Storage system we have now.

The new server will be running several 'Virtual Dedicated Servers'.
AtariForge (and the FreeMiNT CVS..etc) will be running on it's own
'Virtual Dedicated Server'. For information on the Virtual Server, visit

So, you might see some downtime/outages while the sites are being moved
over the next few weeks. Some Atari-Users.Net hosted sites will be moved
starting today.

If anyone has questions, just ask.

webmaster (at) atari-users.net