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[MiNT] Sparemint Site Work

Hey guys,

Some more work on http://dev.sparemint.org.

Things worked on:
Package Approvals, user preferences, 2 week login remembering now works
(but will forget if you login from another machine due to the setup),
some more theme polish... Still think it's kind of ugly.  Was shooting
for Hula style and it turned out like crap - but it's not done yet... 
User info page started, build farm display work.

Things that need finished before it can go live:
User preferences
User approvals
Package approvals
Package disapprovals
Package deletes and self-upload maintenance.  (i.e. you upload a package
and realize it's completely broken to the point where it must be deleted
immediately.  Normally you would just upload a fixed package which would
override the current broken package).
Transaction logger (will log all changes by all users to community
resources (packages, etc)
MediaWiki wiki.

WHEN I actually have time and energy for the site, the stuff that
remains should take no more than 10 hours of work...  The question is
having time, I'm quite busy with my real job and am moving.  This is why
the main build host, washi, is offline. If you upload packages, they'll
have to sit in the queue to get built for a while.  Sorry about that :-/

Comments welcome.  Does it look poor?  Please get picky, I want to
produce something professional level for us.


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