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[MiNT] wind_set(WF_TOPMOST) extension

> to tell the world that 230 and 231 values are already used/reserved by
> someone (MyAES).

Do you need more values?

 Subfunction              dec     hex  get  xget  set  xset 
 WF_MAXWORKXYWH            46  0x002E 
 WF_M_BACKDROP            100  0x0064   x 
 WF_M_OWNER               101  0x0065   x 
 WF_M_WINDLIST            102  0x0066   x 
 WF_MINXYWH               103  0x0067   x 
 WF_INFOXYWH              104  0x0068   x 
 WF_OBFLAG               1001  0x03E9   x          x 
 WF_OBTYPE               1002  0x03EA   x 
 WF_OBSPEC               1003  0x03EB   x          x 
 X_WF_MENU               4352  0x1100              x 
 X_WF_DIALOG             4608  0x1200              x 
 X_WF_DIALWID            4864  0x1300              x 
 X_WF_DIALHT             5120  0x1400              x 
 X_WF_DFLTDESK           5376  0x1500              x 
 X_WF_MINMAX             5632  0x1600   x          x 
 X_WF_HSPLIT             5888  0x1700   x          x 
 X_WF_VSPLIT             6144  0x1800   x          x 
 X_WF_SPLMIN             6400  0x1900   x          x 
 X_WF_HSLIDE2            6656  0x1A00   x          x 
 X_WF_VSLIDE2            6912  0x1B00   x          x 
 X_WF_HSLSIZE2           7168  0x1C00   x          x 
 X_WF_VSLSIZE2           7424  0x1D00   x          x 
 X_WF_DIALFLGS           7680  0x1E00   x          x 
 X_WF_OBJHAND            7936  0x1F00   x          x 
 X_WF_DIALEDIT           8192  0x2000   x          x 
 X_WF_DCOLSTAT           8448  0x2100   x          x 
 WF_WINX                22360  0x5758   x 
 WF_WINXCFG             22361  0x5759   x          x 
 WF_DDELAY              22362  0x575A   x          x 
 WF_SHADE               22365  0x575D   x          x 
 WF_STACK               22366  0x575E              x 
 WF_TOPALL              22367  0x575F              x 
 WF_BOTTOMALL           22368  0x5760              x 
 XA                     22593  0x5841   x