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Re: [MiNT] sparemint notify

On Mon, 1 May 2006, Peter Slegg wrote:

I just ran the sparemint_notify script and it told me
to update less to version 376 even though I have 381

The following packages from the Sparemint need an update:

Package: less
Version: 376 (installed: 381)
Release: 1 (installed: 1)

I reported this to Frank. There is an error in the file http://sparemint.atariforge.net/sparemint/pkglist. This file is read by the sparemint_notify script, but there is a wrong version number for less in it. Besides that, the sparemint_notify actually does not check if there is a NEWER version of a package available. What it really does is checking if a DIFFERENT version exist, assuming this is always a newer version. It's only a simple script. In the future the "SpareMiNT Update Manager" (aka sum) should do better than that.


Martin Tarenskeen