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Re: [MiNT] Anything happening


On Thursday 31 August 2006 13:37, Lonny Pursell wrote:
> Correct.  The actual translation is completely separate from the final
> spoken word.  It first calls a translator, this breaks it down into
> phonemes, then this is handed off to be spoken.  The translator could be
> replaced for various languages I suppose.
> The current state of my driver allows one to skip the English translator
> entirely if you desire.  One can construct phrases with the phonetic
> syntax and make is say anything you want. Although it might lack a few
> phonemes that are common to other languages that English doesn't have.

Which engine you're using?   Here's an LWN article on GPL eSpeak engine
that Ubuntu people are considering using in Ubuntu Linux:

Besides English, also German and Esperanto phoneme sets are available
for it.

	- Eero