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Re: [MiNT] X-window no go

On Sun, 1 Apr 2007 17:56:13 -0400 (EDT), Jim DeClercq <jimd@panix.com> wrote:
> Thanks, but
> That little difference seems significant. I do not get to the
> X-window menu, it stops right there. And, I have more that one
> font that should load. I have a basic set of about 10 fonts, and
> only one is said to have loaded. And, a process numbered 17 is a
> mystery to me. I think I followed instructions, and do not get to
> the x-window menu
> Jim

I did a quick Google Group search and found a few things in
comp.sys.atar.st and .tech but didn't have time to dig
through them.

It may be due to the colour depth you are using, I am not
sure if there is a minimum requirement.

I had a few config problems when I was setting X11 up but that
was due to the network, X expects IIRC but
that doesn't look to be your problem.

I think I did fiddle with fonts.alias in /etc/X11 but didn't
do much.

Sorry for being a bit vague, it's quite a long time since I
set-up X but since you didn't get much response I thought I
would pass on what I know.