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Re: [MiNT] X-window no go

Thanks, but

That little difference seems significant. I do not get to the X-window menu, it stops right there. And, I have more that one font that should load. I have a basic set of about 10 fonts, and only one is said to have loaded. And, a process numbered 17 is a mystery to me. I think I followed instructions, and do not get to the x-window menu


On Thu, 29 Mar 2007, Peter Slegg wrote:

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:49:08 -0400 (EDT), Jim DeClercq <jimd@panix.com> wrote:
Hello, all

I have never been able to get z-windows to run, and this is the
first time I have had a hard drive that ran long enough to get
all other things working.

What does this, please?

X Server 0.14(beta)  [Sep 21 2001_Build 1] starting...
   Using port 600(fd7) for maximum of 24 connections,
   Keyboard diagnostics: (TOS 3.06)
     got keycodes: 71 ushift, 77 shift, 103 gaps
     mapped 49 extra keycodes, keycode range [8..145]
     assume layout Atari TT us/english, repeat 460ms
AES ID #19 at VDI #123 [1280/941] (451*331 mm) 1 plane
screen format [EdDI 1.20] is packed pixels
loaded one font

[ Request from (at8)
004#0000: ByteOrder = MSB, Version =X11.0
004#000: Authorization: <none>
###oBuf ox1 -> 136
004#0002: {QueryExtension} 'BIG-REQUESTS'
004#0004: {QueryExtension} 'XKEYBOARD'
###oBuf ox1 ->2240
event #4944(O) by #17 = 309/135, FFFF 8000,0000,0000,0069
aborted at #1
004#0014: connection closed.

so, does any of this look familiar?


Hi Jim,

This is what I get when X-windows starts:

X Server 0.14 (beta) [Sep 21 2001 - Build 1] starting ...
 using port 6000 (fd 6) for maximum of 25 connections,
 Keyboard diagnostics: (TOS 4.08)
   got keycodes: 72 unShift, 78 Shift, 102 gaps
   mapped 48 extra keycodes, keycode range: [8 .. 145]
   assume layout 'Atari/Falcon' german, repeat 460ms
 AES id #19 at VDI #2:23 [1152/845] (406*298 mm) 16 planes
 screen format (EdDI 1.10) is packed pixels
 loaded 80 fonts
... ready

event #4944(0) by #10 = 353/161, FFFFC000,0000,0000,00CA
[] Request from (at 7)
004#0000: ByteOrder = MSB, Version = X11.0
004#0000: Authorization: <none>
## oBuf 0x1 -> 176
004#0002: {QueryExtension} 'BIG-REQUESTS'
004#0004: {QueryExtension} 'XKEYBOARD'
## oBuf 0x1 -> 2240
aborted at #1
004#0014: Connection closed.

That does look very similar to what you see and I
would expect that you should have the X-windows
menubar visible at the top of the screen. You
should be able to start an X application.

I have a lot more fonts installed and that may help
more things to run.

One app that I use the most is for synching my PDA