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Re: [MiNT] can I install a 1.32 gig drive in a 030 falcon

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007, jkosephus wrote:

I have a friend who gave me a 1.32 gig micro drive. it comes out of a portable PC but it is plug comptible with the falcon bus. I need to know how to format and how much of that unit can the falcon use.

then I can do more with the falcon.

What software do you have available? You should be able to use the whole disk with the Atari HD Utils, HD Driver would be a better fit, which you can purchase the latest version.

PS  what  or how can I plug the flacon into a small lan.

What kind of connection are you looking for? http://hardware.atari.org has a cartridge port network card, with USB, available. I use the older version (EtherNec) with just the network card, and it works wonderfully with my CT60 Falcon, I've had it running maybe 3 years. You could also link the Atari to a PC through a null modem, but that is a little more frustrating (in my opinion) to setup.