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[MiNT] Easymint lots of problems

I have spent most of the day trying to do a fresh Easymint
install and it has not gone well.

The siutation is this, my Milan has 2 HDs and I want to switch
to using the big one as the boot and FreeMint partition. I also
want to see if a new install will get rid of the network issue.
I have had mint on the big partition before and I know it works
but I wanted to start fresh.

I tried to install EasyMint on the H and N partitions which are on
the big HD but at the sorting AUTO folder stage the Milan
hung so I had to reboot. When I ran Easymint for the second
time it started at the network part and when I clicked cancel
it crashed again.

I found the POSITION file but it was on the C drive which was
a bit strange.

When I tried a few more times I managed to get as far as the NAES
message screen where it crashed again.

After a few more attempts I got to the page where it has to reboot
and then I powered down and swapped the IDE cables so that it would
boot from the big HD. Unfortunately, it did not find the mint.cnf
which hadn't been created so I had to copy the one I had created.

Now it found the new mint.cnf but didn't start NAES from init
because it looks like the partitions haven't mounted, it
just drops into MiS. The ls command doesn't work but I was
able to cd to some partitions like /c but couln't run anything.