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Re: [MiNT] Easymint lots of problems

Hi Peter,
Sorry to read of all the problems.  I had lots of problems the first time I 
tried to install Easymint - it turned out to be a bad Jaz drive/cartridge (I'd 
picked it up recently and had not used it before).  But I didn't get any 
warning from HDDRIVER or the operating system about errors, so I assume the 
drive was returning bad data without warning :-(.

What I eventually ended up doing was installing another (trustworthy) hard 
drive, partitioning it with a TOS & and Ext2 partition, copying all my existing 
C: partition to the TOS partition, fiddling with HDDRIVER so that the new drive 
was assigned drive letters first, rebooting then installing Easymint on the 
(new) C: drive.  I didn't want to try installing on a drive other than C:, I 
thought all the drive letters (in the various MiNT scripts, files etc) would be 
generated wrong & I didn't fancy tidying them up afterwards ...

Roger Burrows