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Re: [MiNT] POPT (was Pilot link)


The 1.3 srpm includes a file popt-1.3-mintcnf.patch  I am not sure
what to do with this, if anything is required.

It belong to the SOURCES directory too. rpm use this to build the package (it's mentioned inside the spec file).

I copied the 1.13 sources to \usr\src\redhat\SOURCES\popt-1.13\
and tried the spec file from 1.13.  It requires the source to
be in a tar.gz so I compressed it.

The right way is to modify the spec file, not to recompress the source archive. rpm can perfectly handle bzip2 too.

with the file locations in the tmp file it creates. So far
no success. Below is the tmp file:

That't don't help much. What's the exact error message rpm produce?

It is the cd popt-1.13 that it struggles with despite me copying
the spec file and tar.gz to various places in redhat/SOURCES/

At the moment the source is just patched in the way that Alan
hinted. Is there a more formal way of patching the code ?

Sure. Create a patch file like the popt-1.3-mintcnf.patch, copy it to the SOURCES folder and add it to the spec file so rpm automatically apply it while building the package. And never modify the original source archive that is used by rpm.


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