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Re: [MiNT] Virtual Consoles (found it :-)

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008, George Nakos wrote:

I think that Anders Eriksson made a special driver in assembly in order to
accelerate the text display, and the dirty hack part was that it worked on a
custom resolution. At least that's what I remember right now...

Hum, that was long ago, but if I remember correct I just made a patch to use 8x8 font and some higher resolution (you can never have too many lines of irc :). All that is long lost though.

BTW, the text display was already accelerated, using hardware scrolling for example.

However, I think writing an optimized terminal emulator for GEM would be more sensible than virtual consoles. Toswin is very slow and it annoys me to death that the emulation isn't really compatible to vt100 (or something like xterm) - there is always something which doesn't works correctly. Yes I know the usual answer; code your own terminal emulator :)

Anders Eriksson
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