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Re: [MiNT] distro cross-building

But the problem here, is that FreeMiNT (and MiNT) is designed to be TOS
compatible. You can take an executable written for MiNT and it should
(maybe with some restrictions) run on the Atari without MiNT installed
as well. You can't do that with shared libraries, obviously.

It's useful that MiNT can run TOS programs, but I fail to see why this should be the other way around. Or what the point would be in continuing to develop FreeMiNT if it has to stay compatible to a dead OS. As far as Atari systems have a future, it's MiNT.

Maybe we should change the meaning back to "MiNT is now TOS" (instead of "MiNT is not TOS").. the whole point is to have a modern system - because we can. :o)

Besides, supporting shared libs doesn't even really kill TOS compatibility, at least not structurally. If someone really needs pine.ttp without MiNT (why on earth...) they can always build a static version. Gcc runs under TOS too. ;o)